Whisky Michel Couvreur Single Malt Blossoming Auld Sherried 45% (700ml)

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$4,209.60 / dozen


BLOSSOMING AULD SHERRIED SINGLE MALT WHISKY is a Single cask Whisky produced only from malt spirit distilled in Scotland and matured in a fresh cream sherry oak cask.
Prior to bottling, its natural strength 51% alc./vol. is reduced to 45% alc./vol..

Dark amber robe with a reddish tinge. Fragrances of Sherry, flowers, vanilla, dried fruits.
Mellow, and long in the mouth. A fabulous balance between sherry’s warmth and the fresh flavours only barley can produce. To be preferably consumed after diner at room temperature (17 to 18°C).

This label does not indicate time spent in wood because the whisky’s maturity is reached differently in every cask.

Age is only one of the complex factors on which maturation depends. Blossoming Auld Sherried is the perfect demonstration of sherry impregnated wood’s greatest significance.


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