Deanston 40 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml 46.5 % abv

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Deanston Distillery sits on the shores of the River Teith near Stirling, Scotland, in the southern part of the Highlands. It’s one of those lesser-known Scottish distilleries that still retains an aura of mystery, although after tasting the Deanston 18-Year-Old Cognac Cask Finished Single Malt, you will be looking forward to getting to know it better.

Deanston is a relatively new Scottish distillery, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in history. Before it began producing whisky in 1966, Deanston was already nearing its 200th anniversary as a textile factory. The Deanston Textile Mill was a significant one, technologically advanced when it was constructed and commercially successful through much of its life. At one point, it was powered by the second-largest waterwheel in the world, a 36-foot diameter affair nicknamed “Hercules.”

Yet by the middle of the 20th century, the textile industry in Scotland was on the decline. So the facility was converted to produce another local product that demands a good, reliable water source: whisky.

The 40 year old is made up of spirit from whisky refill casks and oloroso butts. The spirit was filled to the refills in 2007, and the Oloroso casks in 2006.

Only 480 bottles worldwide.

Deanston Distillery lies on the banks of the River Teith, in a village community originally built around a cotton mill.

It is immersed in stories that will transport you to a place rich in history; as times changed the former cotton mill found a new life as the home for an artisanal single malt whisky.

True to this heritage the whisky follows a distilling process as old as the community itself. Crafted by hand, there’s no modern technology at Deanston.

The best Scottish ingredients are sourced to help create this unique single malt: the barley is grown in the local fields. Traditions of the old connect with the new ensuring Deanston provides a genuine alternative for inquisitive drinkers.

An accessible dram rooted in wonderfully genuine community values

Nose : Deanston’s distinctive notes of rich honey balanced with tropical fruit, rich oak, sweet malt, vanilla fudge, and a very delicate hint of dried fruit.
Palate : Mouth filling sweetness, notes of rich heather honey, pear, apples, ripe fruit, sweet malt, and creamy vanilla fudge, with hints of citrus and rich oak
Finish : Long lingering sweet honey and fruit finale.


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